Weekly Overview 24 – 29 April

A selection of events taking place this week in connection with the EU Presidency

This council meeting will be dedicated to cohesion policy. The presidency will update Ministers on the state of play of a draft regulation simplifying the rules governing the European structural and investment funds, otherwise known as Omnibus regulation. The Ministers will also discuss how cohesion policy can be brought closer to European Citizens, with the Council adopting conclusions on making cohesion policy more effective, relevant and visible to citizens over the course of the meeting. The Council is also expected to adopt conclusions on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies. 

25 – 26 April: Informal Meeting of Environment Ministers 

Over the course of this meeting, European Environment Ministers will discuss two of the most pressing environmental topics at the moment; namely climate change and the transition to circular economy. Within this context the meeting aims to develop a high level discussion on how to address climate change adaptation post Paris Agreement; how climate and environmental policies interact in the context of the marine environment; and how environmental issues, such as marine litter, can shape economic policy and output.  

26 – 27 April: Informal Meeting of EU Ministers of Defence 

This informal meeting will bring together defence ministers and representatives from all member states as well as the Secretary General of NATO, a senior UN Peacekeeping official and participants from a number of European Union Agencies and Organisations. The Council will discuss the European Union’s policies on Defence and the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). 
Topics of discussion include the EU Global Strategy and its implementation plan on the security and defence aspects – relations with key international partners such as the UN and NATO as well as a review of EU military missions and operations.  

26 – 28 April: OHSA – Tripartite Conference on OHS 

This conference will bring together leading researchers and practitioners to exchange and share example of good practice on the protection of vulnerable workers. An interdisciplinary platform will also be provided for participants to present and discuss recent findings, concerns, practical challenges and solutions adopted at the place of work. The aim of the conference is to promote and raise awareness on the importance of specific preventative and protective measures at the place of work.

28 April: Informal Meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers Gymnich 

This informal meeting will bring together Foreign Ministers of European Union Member States to discuss current international developments between themselves in an informal manner. The discussion will then continue in the afternoon, when Foreign Ministers from candidate countries will join their EU counterparts in order to discuss issues of common concern. 

29 April: EU – South Dialogue 

This meeting, the first of its kind, will be an occasion for Foreign Ministers from three distinct and diverse regions (the EU, the Southern Neighbourhood and the Gulf Cooperation Council) to come together and have an open and frank exchange of views in an informal setting. The meeting will also address issues the elements of which are not traditionally associated with the remits of diplomacy and foreign affairs. These include the well-being of youth, culture and education, and inter-faith dialogue. Political exchanges will also be conducted in pursuit of regional and international stability, including an adequate reflection on soft-security factors that in more than one way impinge on both threats and possible solutions.

Complete overview
The complete overview can be viewed in the events section of EU2017MT website.