Weekly Overview 22 – 26 May

A selection of events taking place this week in connection with the EU Presidency

23 May: Informal Meeting of Agriculture Ministers 

This Informal meeting of Agriculture Ministers provides an opportunity for a strategic discussion on broad themes of importance to the agricultural sector, serving to inform longer-term EU policies. Agriculture Ministers will get a chance to set out their policy outlook on the priorities for the EU in this sphere, which will certainly include an increased role for research and innovation as well as knowledge sharing. 

By making this the topic of the Informal Agriculture Council during the Presidency term, Malta demonstrates tangibly its commitment to push forward the EU agenda on this topic; which is becoming increasingly significant to our socio-economic context. 

23 May: ESPON Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee of the ESPON 2020 Programme is the decision-making body responsible for the overall strategic implementation, management and monitoring of the ESPON Programme. The ESPON Monitoring Committee is also responsible for planning the activities of the programme through the annual work plan. 

The ESPON Monitoring Committee meeting will discuss the implementation of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme including the ongoing ESPON 2020 project. The General Management Provisions of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme and the Annual Work Plan for 2018 will also be discussed. 

24 – 25 May: Economic and Financial Affairs Council

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council will be called on to agree on a new system for resolving double taxation disputes, and is expected to adopt rules on ‘hybrid mismatches’ between tax systems. It will then discuss the in-depth reviews of macroeconomic imbalances in the Member States.

24 – 25 May: CMDh – EMACOLEX

The CMDh was set up for the examination of any question relating to marketing authorisation of a medicinal product in two or more Member States in accordance with the mutual recognition procedure or the decentralised procedure. EMACOLEX is made up of lawyers, legal experts and regulatory experts of National Competent Authorities, European Medicines Agency and the European Commission. These two organisations meet twice a year and the meeting is planned and organised by the National Competent Authority of the Member State holding the EU presidency. 

25 – 26 May: ESPON Seminar 

The ESPON Seminar will contribute to the debate on the performance and future of EU Cohesion policy by highlighting and discussing new evidence on future development challenges, territorial potentials and new governance solutions for achieving European policy targets at national and regional levels. In particular, the seminar will discuss an integrated approach to promote development in different types of territories as well as the role of territorial cooperation in support of EU Cohesion Policy, including the policy orientations and knowledge contributions that ESPON can provide to support EU, national and regional policymakers.

Complete Overview
The complete overview can be viewed in the events section of EU2017MT website.