Weekly Overview 20 – 24 March

A selection of events taking place this week in connection with the EU Presidency

20 March: Informal Meeting of Health Ministers  

This meeting will bring together Health Ministers from across the European Union.  It will be an opportunity for health ministers to discuss the prevention of childhood obesity, structured co-operation between health systems and HIV/AIDS. Ministers will also discuss priority areas for enhanced voluntary cross-border collaboration in the procurement of health technologies for rare diseases and training of medical specialists as well as appropriate mechanisms to facilitate joint work whilst respecting the principle of subsidiary.  

20 & 23 March: European Youth Conference

The Youth Conference is a headline event of each EU presidency that brings together policy makers, young people, and relevant stakeholders to consider and discuss youth policy development and implementation. The Youth Conference will discuss and develop practical measures for implementing the recommendations resulting from the consultations of young people conducted during the Slovak Presidency and will also propose an implementation toolbox. 

21 March: Economic and Financial Affairs Council 

This meeting will discuss various economic and finance related issues, among them a reduction in value-added tax for electronic publications, a VAT reverse charge mechanism, legislative proposals on financial services, and a European defence fund. The Council will also discuss country reports and adopt a recommendation on the economic policies of the euro area for 2017, as well as review the outcomes of a G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors which takes place in Baden-Baden, Germany on 17 and 18 March 2017. 

21 March: Consumer Day

This event will bring together consumers, policy-makers and IT experts not only to weigh in on the issues affecting digital consumers but also to shape the European dialogue about the Digital Single Market. Representatives will take part in a live debate on the impact of the digital Single Market on the sustainability of the economy as we know it. Questions will also be asked; in the digitally-supported collaborative economy, will consumer rights be protected? And if things go wrong who will be held liable? Other topics of discussion will include digital equality, geo-blocking, roaming charges and Fintech. 

22 – 24 March: Informal Meeting of the Directors for Rural Development 

During this meeting, European Commission delegates, experts who drew up reports commissioned by DG AGRI and young farmers from Member State countries will be invited to give both an EU and country-specific perspectives of the challenges faced by young farmers. Some of the topics that will be discussed will include: How the new CAP (post 2020) better supports young farmers, smoothing the process of generational renewal through Pillar II, market niches for young farmers, amongst others.

23 – 24 March: Architectural Policies Conferences & EFAP General Assembly – The New In The Old – Contemporary Architecture in a Historic Context 

This event has two distinct functions; the first two days will be dedicated to the Architectural Policies Conference that will specifically deal with the interaction of Contemporary Architecture within Historic Contexts. The final day of the event will be dedicated to the EFAP General Assembly where plans for the Association’s programme of activities for the next two years will be discussed and agreed upon.

23 – 24 March: Meeting of Directors General for Youth
The meeting of Directors General for Youth will focus on the validation of competencies and skills that support young people’s transition to adulthood and the world of work, volunteering, the proposed European Solidarity Corps, and the new EU youth strategy – post 2018. This meeting will also set the agenda for the peer learning seminar to be held in May 2018. 

Full overview
The complete overview can be viewed in the events section of EU2017MT website.