Weekly Overview 19 – 23 June

A selection of events taking place this week in connection with the EU Presidency

19 June: Foreign Affairs Council 

The Foreign Affairs Council will discuss the implementation of the EU Global Strategy, the external aspects of counter-terrorism, EU-NATO Cooperation, Iraq and the aspects of migration. After the Council, the Eastern Partnership ministerial meeting will take place. 

19 June: Environment Council 

The Environment Council will is expected to restate the commitments of the EU and its member states to the Paris Agreement and its full implementation. Ministers will look at the progress made and hold a policy debate on the two legislative proposals to cut greenhouse gas emissions in sectors not covered by the ETS: the effort-sharing regulation and the regulation on land-use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF). Also, the Council will also adopt conclusions on the EU Plan for nature, people and the economy.  

19 June: Single Market Forum 

The aim of this high-level stakeholder conference is to provide an opportunity to note priorities for action on the single market especially for SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups and to look forward to continue working for the implementation of the Single Market. Participants are invited to share their views and experiences through a number of workshops that will be hosted in this regard. Workshop findings will then be presented in during the plenary session.

19 – 20 June: TAIEX Multi-Country Seminar on Animal Health 

The aim of this workshop is to improve the capacity of monitoring and controlling trans-boundary animal diseases and to exchange information on challenges and opportunities for improving prevention and control measures. 

This workshop will serve as a tool for all countries involved to exchange best practices and learn from recent experiences, to discuss challenges faced and the possibility of improving on the effectiveness of surveillance and early detection as well as to look towards the new EU Legal framework to promote prevention and control measures for effective control of animal disease. 

20 June: General Affairs Council 

The Council will prepare the June European Council, approve the Council’s programme for the next 18 months and discuss which legislative projects should be boosted in 2018. 

21 – 23 June: European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) 

The European Judicial Training Network General Assembly is an annual meeting held during the first half of the year in the country holding EU presidency.  It is a meeting open to EU member states who are also members of EJTN.  The General Assembly represents the most important governance meeting for EJTN where strategic and operational issues are assessed and agreed to. These are held once annually and are attended by representatives from all of EJTN member organisations.  During this meeting the delegates discuss finances, training sessions which are planned to be organised in the coming year and assess outcomes from previous training sessions organised.

21 – 23 June: Informal Meeting of Chief Veterinary Officers 

The Council Working Party of Chief Veterinary Officers held in Malta will provide an opportunity for experts and Attaches, along with the Council Secretariat and the European Commission to experience first-hand the realities of a small island state in its implementation of EU legislation. The meeting will ensure that the aim of the Presidency to focus on emergency preparedness for highly contagious animal diseases is reached and that proper conclusions and recommendations are finalised. Furthermore, other veterinary policy issues included in the Presidency programme will be discussed. 

22 – 23 June: European Council 

The European Council will bring together EU leaders in order to look at a number of the most pressing issues, including migration, security and defence, and the economy.  On migration the European Council will assess the implementation of measures taken to stem the migration flow on the Central Mediterranean route. Leaders will also discuss developments in the Eastern Mediterranean route, the EU-Turkey Statement and instruments created to tackle the root causes of migration. In addition, the European Council will discuss the reform of the common European asylum system, including the principles of responsibility and solidarity. 

On Security and Defence, the heads of state or governments will review progress in the Strengthening of EU cooperation on external security and defence. They will also take stock of where the EU Stands in terms of internal security. On jobs, growth and competitiveness, the European Council will review efforts to deepen the single market and identify areas where progress needs to be sped up. Leaders will endorse the country-specific recommendations and conclude the 2017 European Semester. They will also discuss issues relevant for the upcoming G20 meeting on 7-8 July in Hamburg. 

On Brexit, the European Council in an EU 27 format will review the latest developments in the negotiations following the United Kingdom’s notification under Article 50 TEU. In the margins of this meeting, leaders are expected to endorse the procedural arrangements for the relocation of the EU agencies currently located in the UK.

Complete Overview
The complete overview can be viewed in the events section of EU2017MT website. ​