Beehive app: have your say in Europe

Beehive is a 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union ongoing project; an artistic research experiment for collecting and contextualising video and image content captured by citizens during this time. The name of the project stands as a metaphor: registered participants swarm out, capture and collect visual data, and return it to the collective pool – the hive – just like a society of bees.

What is the aim of ‘Beehive’? 

The purpose behind Beehive is to collect colourful perspectives of EU Citizens on what the EU might look like or become in the future. Their work captures the citizens’ vision of the EU and the Beehive acts as a repository of hopes, dreams and visions. Citizen Journalists will also be present in Malta and in Brussels within the European Institutions, interviewing other citizens to feed the hive for the betterment of the EU.

Beehive is aimed at questioning the value and meaning of the EU and its Citizenship, it’s there to make you aware that we are living in a union, a union in which we can participate and contribute fully. The 2017 Maltese EU Presidency is the Presidency of the citizen; therefore, Beehive is a European wide network of comradery and a union of Europeans citizens within itself. Beehive presents an opportunity for you to make your voice heard and to express your opinion. We’re ready to experience your contribution.

The ‘Beehive Malta’ app is the simplest and only way to contribute. It is available on both Android and Apple platforms, free of charge. The app requires registration and asks you to input basic personal details such as your nickname, these can be edited at any time and no data will be disclosed.

The app itself is very intuitive and easy to use. Switch to landscape to get the best perspective and simply snap a picture or shoot a video. Next, select a category and location for your contribution. Whether it’s a photo of a melting pot such as Valletta or a video of you and your friends, you can select the appropriate category and location. Finally, tag your picture or video and upload it. The app is also filled with useful features and detailed information, whatever you need.

The Categories

They are there to guide you in your contribution. For example, ‘The Value of EU Citizenship’, what can you share to encapsulate this category? The answer is anything which can transmit what is valuable to you and those around you guaranteed by your EU citizenship. Sharing a special moment with your family or a trip around Europe, to mention a few. Your contribution can also be informative, as well as entertaining. Open the app and let loose your imagination; by the end of the Presidency, the hive will be rich with pictures, videos and, most of all, your memories. Be part of the community which strengthens our union.

Beehive Site

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