‘Youth for Tomorrow’s Europe’ is a theme of a conference that is being organized as part of the Maltese Presidency Programme, by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto, in collaboration with the Ministry for Education and Employment, between 15 – 16 May 2017 at the Dolmen Resort Hotel and Spa, Qawra.
The Conference will serve as an opportunity to put youths once again at the top of the Union’s agenda. We will explore the historical, political, economic and cultural perspectives of Europe that can serve as a basis for harnessing the enthusiasm of European Youths to re-energise the European project. Youths will participate in several workshops including participation and leadership, sustainable development, social inclusion, rights and responsibilities and identity.

This conference presents an excellent opportunity for the Union to send a strong message on the sustainability of the future of the European project.






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