Third Round Table Meeting for European Health Ministers, CEO's and Heads of Europe-based Pharmaceutical Companies
09/05/2017 02:00



The establishment of a robust pharmaceutical system has highly improved the outcomes from the use of medicines for citizens in the European Union. However, guaranteeing access to new and innovative medicines in an era of ever increasing health care demands puts major challenges on the sustainability of health systems. There remains major scope for exploring new solutions to ensure the best balance between access to innovative medicines, safety and sustainability of national health systems.

The Round Table Meetings for European Health Ministers and CEO’s and Heads of Europe-based pharmaceutical companies seeks to bring together EU Health Ministers, leaders of pharmaceutical industry, innovative and generic industry associations as well as patient organizations, to promote a broader dialogue about the main challenges in the pharmaceutical realm.


The aim of the third round table meeting is for the different stakeholders to meet informally, agree to explore various options and agree upon an aligned strategy proposal to improve the overall sustainability of healthcare with a central focus on improving access to treatment for patients, balanced costs for health systems and attractiveness for the industry to innovate and supply.







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