The Single Market Forum gathers market participants such as businesses, social partners, non-governmental organisations, citizens’ organisations and public authorities at various levels of government. It examines the state of the Single Market, the transposition and application of directives and exchanges best practice. The Forum contributes to policy evaluations and plays a part in monitoring the implementation of the Single Market Act and its impact at grassroots level.
This conference brings together the European Commission and the Maltese Presidency in cooperation with the European Parliament, and stakeholders to generate momentum at the highest political and business level for ambitious action on the Single Market.


The aim of this high-level stakeholder conference is to provide an opportunity to note priorities for action on the single market especially for SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups and to look forward to continue working for the implementation of the Single Market. Participants are invited to share their views and experiences through a number of workshops to be hosted in this regards. Workshop findings will then be presented in plenary. 







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