It is custom that each Presidency of the Council of the European Union hosts within its country an EU Nature and Biodiversity Directors’ Meeting, to discuss and agree on the way forward regarding the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, while taking into consideration the workings of the relevant committees and working groups set to debate matters related to the Strategy and to the Nature Directives. Such meetings, led by the Presidency, in liaison with the European Commission, are attended by EU Member States, together with EEA Member States, the European Environment Agency, and relevant stakeholders.


The plan for the EU Nature and Biodiversity Directors’ Meeting in Malta is to hold discussions on current issues, especially regarding the roadmap being considered in connection with the attainment of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, and discussions regarding the Commission Action Plan aimed to address the implementation challenges of the Nature Directives, following the conclusion of the Fitness Check evaluation that the EU Birds and Habitats Directives remain highly relevant and are fit for purpose. Other aspects are also expected to be brought up, depending on current discussions in other fora, in relation to nature biodiversity aspects. The event will also include a field visit, with the aim to highlight developments regarding protected areas in Malta, both from the aspect of designation and of management.

The meeting will allow for an exchange of views, and development of conclusions, providing guidance to the further implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the Nature Directives, with part of the meeting being closed for Member States only.







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