The aim is to celebrate the first four first years of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, by highlighting some of its achievements and successes, while also looking at current challenges and the way forward. Key items on the agenda are: 

  • ​​Welcoming newcomers to the Alliance 
  • Launching a new European Network of Apprentices
  • Boosting mobility for apprentices 
  • Towards a European Quality Framework for Apprenticeships
  • Developing apprenticeship support services
  • The way forward for the European Alliance for Apprenticeships

Target audience

The conference is organised by the European Commission with the support of the Maltese Presidency, the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology and the Malta Chamber of Commerce. 

The conference will give particular attention to new members of the Alliance and to the apprentices themselves. Organisations joining the Alliance are invited to bring one apprentice each to the conference and there will also be a launch of a new network of apprentices. 

In general, the conference targets all existing and new members of the Alliance, such as companies, social partners, VET providers, chambers, NGOs and youth organisations, as well as policy-makers from national, regional and European level. 


The European Alliance for Apprenticeships was launched in 2013 to strengthen the supply, quality, image and mobility of apprenticeships. The Alliance is part of the EU's strategy to tackle youth unemployment, because apprenticeships provide a combination of learning in school and training that have proved effective in helping young people into jobs.

32 countries have made commitments on reforms and actions to strengthen apprenticeships, and 174 pledges have been made by apprenticeship stakeholders across Europe, mobilising some 500,000 youth opportunities. More countries and pledgers will join the Alliance at the conference in Malta. 

Website: http://ec.europa.eu/apprenticeships-alliance 







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