The Ministry for Education and Employment will be collaborating with the European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL) in convening this conference on school leadership, equity and inclusivity. This will be the first event of the Education Week organised by the Ministry for Education and Employment.

This conference will provide the opportunity to promote the exchange of good practices and development of innovative approaches to effective educational leadership that takes equity, social justice and inclusivity seriously, through a mix of key note presentations, round-table colloquia and breakout sessions.


The main themes of the conference will focus on policy and leadership, ‘equity’, and practice, and the relationship between them. Skills, dispositions, and values are  integral aspects, since by equipping young people with the necessary education to be employable as well as to be critically aware and functional citizens in a democratic society, will reduce inequalities and inequities. With regard to values, the conference will be linking the need to respect diversity in the framework of migration, as well as other social aspects such as social class, gender and sexuality.  By bringing together a mixture of policy makers, academics, and practitioners from the field, and students and parents, the Forum will provide an excellent opportunity for crucial stakeholders to discuss and suggest ways to realize the aims of policies based on equity.







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