The topic of the EU Drug Coordinators Meeting will be “Treatment Not Imprisonment” which will look at alternatives to imprisonment for individuals who have a substance use problem

In Malta, during 2015, a drug law reform took place and Article537 was enacted in April of the same year. The main aim of this law is to address the issue related to drug users apprehended for personal use of stipulated small amounts of drugs and aims at referring such individuals into treatment as opposed to criminal proceedings and sanctioning. It also addresses the issue of individuals who commit crimes to support their drug habit and seeks to provide treatment for such individuals as opposed to prison as the courts see fit when the offence against the drug laws or against any other law with which the accused is charged is substantially attributable to the grave and medically proved drug dependence of the accused.


The aim of this meeting is to present the current situation in Malta following the drug law reform which will have been in force for 2 years at the date of the meeting. It is also the aim of the meeting to discuss this reform in an EU/International context through drawing from the experiences of other Member States with regards to alternative sanctioning for drug dependent individuals.







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