The Creative Europe Desks, together representatives of the European Commission and the EACEA, meet at least twice a year to discuss all updates, feedback and developments pertinent to the Creative Europe funding programme, its funding schemes as well as related prizes and initiatives. The European Commission has entrusted the organisation of the first official meeting in 2017, to the Creative Europe Desk Malta. 


The official Creative Europe Desk meetings allow all Media and Culture colleagues to meet, interact, update one another as well plan joint CED events. During the meeting, CED representatives are given information and updates regarding the respective guidelines and policy developments, they are given detailed feedback on the calls through the sharing and exchange of experiences.

The meeting takes place over two days: on the first day all Media and Culture colleagues are addressed together on the general status of the programme, whilst on the second day, the heads and representatives of the Media and Culture desks are divided into two groups to focus on the sub-programmes and the individual funding schemes of each of the sub-programmes. Analysis of results of previous calls, allows Desk representatives to keep up to date and give prospective or unsuccessful applicants detailed feedback and consultation for future calls. 







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