BLUEMED – A basin of research and innovation for sustainable growth
19/04/2017 21:00



The BLUEMED initiative was developed in 2014 under the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU together with Mediterranean EU Member States, Portugal and the support of the European Commission. It fosters integration of knowledge and efforts to develop blue growth in the Mediterranean and promotes joint actions of relevant research and innovation priorities. A Coordination and Support Action which will support the BLUEMED consortium in its activities was launched in November 2016, and will kick off a series of networking meetings in the coming years. Malta will host a technical meeting of this consortium in April 2017, on the eve of an Informal Ministerial Conference of Maritime Ministers addressing Blue Growth, led by the Ministry for Competitiveness, and Digital, Maritime, and Services Economy. 

The BLUEMED Technical Meeting will be organised by the Malta Council for Science and Technology within the Ministry for Education and Employment.


The technical meeting of the BLUEMED consortium will serve to continue consolidating the work of the group and support the update of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) developed and launched in 2015. The meeting will also be the first occasion during which the initiative will be opened up to the non-EU Mediterranean countries, which will also play an important role in the further development of the BLUEMED SRIA.

A session on the BLUEMED initiative will be included in the agenda of the Informal Ministerial Conference on “The Blue Growth Initiative: Nautical and Maritime Tourism” in Malta on 20 April. The session will serve to present the conclusions of the technical meeting, the work of the BLUEMED initiative itself, and emphasise the role of research and innovation in the blue growth agenda. 






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