The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will be organising its 2017 edition of European Consumer Day together with the Maltese EU Council Presidency. This annual event has been organised by the EESC for the last 18 years. 

Representatives from the world of business, workers' organisations and consumers will be part of a live debate on the impact of the Digital Single Market on the sustainability of the economy as we know it. And in this context we will also ask: in the digitally-supported collaborative economy, are consumer rights protected? Who is held liable if things go wrong?

Recognising the importance of inclusiveness in today's world, we will discuss the aspect of digital equality: is the internet in fact accessible to ALL European consumers? And our last panel will talk about geo-blocking – can a consumer in Rome buy the same products online as a consumer in Athens? - roaming charges - when I am on holiday in Europe will my calls cost the same as when I am home? - and Fintech - do emerging brand challengers in finance mean cheaper borrowing costs for consumers?.


The event will bring together consumers, policy-makers and IT experts not only to weigh in on the issues affecting digital consumers but also to shape the European dialogue about the Digital Single Market.







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