6th Monitoring Committee Meeting of the Interreg Europe Programme
21/03/2017 01:00


The Monitoring Committee (MC) of the Interreg Europe Programme is made up of up to three representatives per Partner State. The MC Chair and a Vice-Chair shall be appointed for half a year by the respective Partner States and in accordance to the presidency of the Council. These representatives of the MC come from both national and/or regional levels of the States represented to ensure efficiency and broad representation, in coherence with their administrative system and institutional organisation. 

The 6th Monitoring Committee Meeting in connection with the Interreg Europe Programme shall be held on the 21st of March 2017 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The Monitoring Committee meets to discuss topics relevant to the Interreg Europe Programme and funding opportunities eligible under this Programme. 

During the 6th Monitoring Committee meeting, information will be provided on the latest developments in connection with the current programme including audits, programme finances and recent changes in human resources. The MC shall decide upon an agreement on the Programme’s Strategic Cooperation with the Committee of the Regions. The Joint Secretariat of the Programme will provide details on the developments in relation to policy learning platforms, which is one of the initiatives financed under this programme. 

The Committee will then proceed to discuss the Programme Performance and the tools the programme intends to use to monitor projects selected for funding following the first and second call for project proposals. The participants will discuss and decide upon the Technical Assistance budget including contact point financing of the programme and respective national contributions to the Technical Assistance budget. The MC shall also discuss on the State Aid procedures for projects. Toward the end of the Committee a decision will be taken on the procedure for approval of the Annual Implementation Report and also on the Communication activities of the Programme.







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